Exploring Gangnam Karaoke and Gangnam Room Salon: A Comprehensive Guide

Gangnam, one of the most vibrant districts in Seoul, South Korea, is renowned for its bustling nightlife and luxurious entertainment venues. Among these, the 강남가라오케 and Gangnam Room Salon establishments stand out as premier destinations for both locals and tourists seeking a unique and memorable experience. This guide delves into the intricacies of these venues, offering insights into their services, pricing, and what makes them an essential part of Gangnam’s nightlife.

Understanding the Gangnam Shirt Room Experience

The Gangnam Shirt Room is a distinctive type of entertainment venue that blends elements of a karaoke room with personalized service from hostesses. The primary feature of a Gangnam Shirt Room is the unique greeting method where hostesses greet guests by sitting on their lap and providing a personal, tactile introduction. This sets the tone for an evening filled with both visual and physical enjoyment.

The Greeting Method

The greeting in a 강남룸싸롱 involves the hostess sitting on the guest’s lap and engaging in light skinship, which is a form of affectionate physical contact. This personal touch is designed to create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere right from the start.

Choosing Your Hostess

Guests have the opportunity to select their preferred hostess based on personal preferences. Recommendations from staff can help guests choose a hostess who matches their tastes and ensures an enjoyable experience.

Historical Context and Pricing of Gangnam Shirt Rooms

In February 2019, most shirt room (lingerie) stores in Gangnam lowered their prices, with the T-C (Time Charge) dropping from 100,000 won to 90,000 won. This change aimed to make the services more accessible while maintaining high standards.

Current Pricing Structure

  • Manager (Sister) T/C: 130,000 won
  • Karaoke Price: Included, no additional room cost
  • Waiter Service Charge: Variable, contact for details
  • Basic Set: Includes 12-year-old whiskey, snacks, beer, and beverages
  • Part 1 (7:00 pm – 2:00 am): 160,000 won
  • Part 2 (2:00 am – 3:00 pm): 130,000 won

Note: Manager T/C and waiter service charges are separate. Please contact for further inquiries.

Reservation and Usage Information for Gangnam Shirt Room

To ensure a smooth experience, Gangnam Shirt Rooms offer various reservation and usage options:

Reservation Methods:

  1. Use the phone-shaped icon on the homepage for immediate connection.
  2. Call or send an inquiry via KakaoTalk.

Pick-Up Service:

  1. A luxury sedan is available for pick-ups within the Gangnam area.

Time Management:

  1. Accurate times and business conditions are provided to avoid any time wastage.

Manager and Staff Quality

Gangnam Shirt Rooms boast over 200 well-trained managers who cater to guests’ preferences, ensuring a high level of satisfaction and repeat visits.

Gangnam Karaoke: An Overview

Gangnam Karaoke rooms offer a variety of entertainment options, combining the fun of singing with the luxurious environment of Gangnam’s nightlife. These rooms are known for their high-quality sound systems, private spaces, and excellent service.

Advantages of Gangnam Karaoke

  1. Wide Selection of Songs:
    • Extensive song libraries cater to all musical tastes.
  2. High-Quality Sound Systems:
    • State-of-the-art audio equipment ensures a great singing experience.
  3. Private Rooms:
    • Provides a private and comfortable environment for guests to enjoy.

Precautions When Visiting Gangnam Karaoke and Room Salons

Economic Bullet Calculation

  • Budget Management:
    • Always enjoy nightlife within your financial means.

Developing Information Skills

  • Knowledge is Power:
    • Choose reputable businesses and seek advice from experienced individuals.

Social Interactions

  • No Eye Contact with Hostesses:
    • Avoid romantic attachments; remember it’s a professional service.

Understanding Personal Tastes

  • Preference Matters:
    • Select venues and services that align with your personal preferences for maximum enjoyment.

Time Management

  • Effective Scheduling:
    • Especially important for married individuals or those with tight schedules. Arrive early, ideally before 9 PM, to make the most of your visit.

Moderation in Skinship

  • Respect Boundaries:
    • Gradually increase physical interaction and always respect the hostess’s comfort levels.

Gangnam Room Salon: Whiskey Enjoyment Techniques

Gangnam MK Whiskey and Water

  • Preparation:
    • Fill a tumbler with crushed ice, add whiskey up to one-third, mix thoroughly, and top up with room temperature water.

Gangnam Sarah’s Whiskey Mist

  • Simple Mix:
    • Fill a glass with crushed ice, pour whiskey to taste, and add lemon or lime for flavor.

Gangnam Relay On the Rocks

  • Classic Approach:
    • Use large ice cubes to slow melting and keep the whiskey chilled.

Gangnam Hyperbubble Room Twice Up

  • Balanced Mix:
    • Combine whiskey and room temperature water in equal parts, perfect for beginners.

Gangnam Party Whiskey Soda (Highball)

  • Refreshing Mix:
    • Fill a glass with crushed ice, add one-third whiskey, and top with carbonated water and a slice of lemon.

Gangnam Room Entertainment: Key Information

Booking and Usage

  • Reservation Process:
    • Typically done via phone consultation between 2 PM and 5 PM.
  • Details to Provide:
    • Number of guests, desired concept, and any special requests.

Full Salon System

  • Magic Mirror Choice:
    • Allows guests to select hostesses through a one-way mirror, ensuring privacy and comfort.
  • Personnel System:
    • Hostesses greet guests warmly, creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment.


Gangnam Karaoke and Room Salon venues offer a unique blend of entertainment, personal service, and luxurious environments that make them stand out in Seoul’s nightlife scene. Whether you’re looking for a fun night of singing or an intimate evening in a shirt room, Gangnam has something to offer everyone.

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