Major Car Engine Issues and Potential Root Causes

Any functioning car’s engine is its brain. You cannot cut corners when maintaining and operating a vehicle in this area. Identifying engine problems is not always simple, but fixing them can be challenging. Look at the most common car engine problems below if you think your engine is having trouble or, worse yet, failing.

Not all engine issues are severe and have a quick fix- primarily available when you look for car accessories online in India. All of them, nevertheless, have the potential to damage engines. Additionally, in the worst-case scenarios, call for a whole new machine.

Knowing how the engine functions is crucial, as is learning some potential problems you can run into while driving. The following list of common car engine problems, alongside a list of accessories for cars, will help most automobile owners:

Faulty Lubrication

Your engine’s working parts must have adequate lubrication with oil, which is crucial. The machine will overheat and, worse yet, seize up due to extra friction brought on by a lack of lubrication. To maintain levels properly, service your car regularly, including an oil change.

Unreliable Oil Pump

An oil pump failure is severe for any engine’s longevity. If an oil pump breaks down, the machine will presumably be without vital lubrication. Always ensure your engine oil has an absolute viscosity that is light enough to flow quickly through the pump.

Deposits Of Oil and Debris

On engine parts like intake valves and spark plugs as well as combustion chambers, old, dirty oil leaves debris and deposits. To prevent dirt from getting stuck inside your car’s bearings, your local garage will routinely clean your engine’s oil filters as part of a scheduled service to avoid common car engine problems.

Insufficient Fuel and Air Compression

An automobile engine with inadequate fuel and air compression is doomed to failure. The most frequent causes of poor engine combustion include worn-out piston rings, holes in the cylinder walls, and damaged valve seals that allow air to escape.

Extended Engine Detonation

It’s conceivable that the combustion chamber of your car’s engine is overheated if you hear your engine knocking while driving. Engine detonation, sometimes referred to as a spark knock, is produced by the interaction of excessive heat and high pressures, and it can harm pistons, head gaskets, and piston rings over the long run.

Faulty Oxygen Sensors

Your engine and the rest of the vehicle are at risk if your oxygen sensor is wrong. Suppose the sensor does not provide your car with accurate information about how much gasoline is in the petrol or diesel tank and how much oxygen is still in the exhaust. In that case, you risk driving inefficiently and ultimately wasting money.

Faulty Spark Plugs

Older cars tend to have this issue more frequently. Despite their diminutive size, spark plugs significantly affect the engine’s efficiency. The vehicle moves because of these engine components. Their task is to start the engine’s pressurised gas on fire.

Sparks produced by a dirty or outdated spark plug are weak or non-existent. Because of this, the engine misfires, or won’t keep running. Every so often, check to ensure the spark plugs are in good shape. 

Engine Coolant Leakage

One of the most common car engine problems is leaking, which lowers the amount of engine coolant. This is among the primary causes of engine overheating. The simplest way to prevent this is to examine the hoses, radiators, and additional cooling system components for leaks.

Check it frequently to ensure the coolant is at the right level and in good condition. An adequate coolant is orange or green in colouration. Clean the coolant and replenish it if necessary. Keep in mind that an overheated engine could experience lasting damage.

Overheated Engine

The issue of overheating engines has plagued a lot of car owners. One possibility is that the head gasket blows, the radiator burns out, the hoses become clogged, or the coolant level is too low. Factors contributing to engine overheating include shattered plugs or compromised engine parts. A warning sign to avoid ignoring is overheating.

Additional reasons for engine overheating include malfunctioning engine components or broken plugs. Avoid ignoring overheating as a warning indication. The engine’s overheating damages engine components, necessitating costly replacements or repairs.

Chain Timing Failure

An essential engine component, the timing chain, can impact how well the engine runs. The timing chain must go smoothly around your engine’s gears to function correctly. If the timing chain is having problems, there will be several visible symptoms.

Bottom Line

You shouldn’t worry if your engine has developed many common car engine problems or is past its useful life. With our wide selection of machines at Carorbis, we can keep your car on the road. A one-time guarantee is available with every Carorbis engine.

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